The Community School Initiative develops and warehouses resources and tools for all components of a full service community school approach. Resources are organized around the CSCi Community School Framework.

Community Schools Overview and Planning Tools

Foundational Elements
Tools and Resources related to creating a shared vision, developing guiding principles, and various types of needs assessment and asset mapping

Tools and Resources related to developing the infrastructure needed to launch, strengthen, expand and sustain community schools, specifically: Collaborative Leadership Structures; Coordination & Alignment, Intentional Partnerships; Professional Development & Support Mechanisms; Blended & Diverse Resources (Sustainability); and Evaluation and Data Systems

Program Components
Tools and Resources related to 6 major programs & services in a community school: Academic Programs & Supports; Early Childhood Education; After-school, Summer Learning & other Expanded Learning Opportunities; Health & Wellness; Family Engagement & Support; and Community Engagement & Development