Planning Services

As a neutral intermediary and specialist in the content and process of planning and implementing Community School Initiatives at both the site and District level, the CSCi Community Schools Project provides grounded and multi-faceted support to Leadership Teams, Planning Teams, and various stakeholders involved in the collaborative Community School effort. We support stakeholders in the process of Visioning, Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating their Community School Initiative.

  • Developing effective and representative governance, oversight, and accountability structures;
  • Planning and developing policies, infrastructure, and operations within your organization(s), district, government entity to support a full service community schools approach
  • Developing best practices, effective programs and meet high quality standards
  • Helping you leverage an array of available resources to support the Community School effort
  • Asset and resource mapping & Needs and strength assessment
  • Strategic planning and systems development and alignment
  • Service and program planning and design, and coordination
  • Evaluation of the impact of services leading to ongoing improvement in collaboration, coordination, services, and outcomes

Our facilitation services include coordinating meeting facilitation, strategy formation, and facilitating deep and effective partnerships.

Please contact us if you would like additional information about our planning services.