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Comprehensive Planning
As specialists in both the content and process of developing Community School Initiatives, CSI guides leadership teams through a comprehensive planning process. The CSCi process has three stages: Pre-Plan, Plan, and Implementation. CSI has a deep understanding of school district-led efforts, and works with many diverse collaboratives on their community school planning. The level of support varies based on the context and need of the collaborative, from guidance of the core team to implementation of planning tasks, e.g. needs assessment, meeting facilitation, etc. Examples of CSI planning services include:

  • Establish an “engine team” or leadership team to establish the overall strategy for the planning process, develop a planning infrastructure, and educate and engage stakeholders
  • Plan and facilitate meetings/retreats with partners to develop common understanding, commitments, actions, etc.
  • Facilitate and document foundational elements, e.g. logic models.
  • Design and conduct needs and strengths assessments and asset mapping, with an eye towards maximizing public, private and non-profit resources
  • Guide development of three core community school dimensions: foundational elements, infrastructure, and program components. Common examples include

    • Develop shared leadership model at the site and systems levels
    • Plan and develop policies, infrastructure, and operations to support a community schools approach;
    • Develop effective and representative governance, oversight, and accountability structures

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