Community School Initiative Services: Coaching and TA

Our Services
Comprehensive Planning
Coaching and Technical Assistance
CSI helps individuals, organizations, and collaboratives engaged in this work to understand, create and sustain community schools. Our coaching and technical assistance services emphasize capacity and skill building, leadership development, and intentionality. We provide individual coaching for site-level, middle and upper leadership in districts, non-profits, and city and county partners, as well as group TA and consultation.

Our services can focus on process or content areas of community school development.


  • Engagement of stakeholder groups
  • Self-assessment and mapping
  • Retreats and planning
  • Leadership development
  • Shared leadership and collaboration
  • Influence policy using lessons learned from implementation


  • Program areas: Academic Programs & Supports; Early Childhood Education; After-school, Summer Learning & other Expanded Learning Opportunities; Health & Wellness; Family Engagement & Support; and Community Engagement & Development

    • Coordination and alignment
    • Community School Coordinator cohort
    • Developing and deepening partnerships
    • Process and outcomes evaluation that leads to ongoing improvement in collaboration, coordination, services, and impact
    • Resource development and sustainability

Professional Development and Training
Networks and Learning Communities
Tools and Resources
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