CSCi’s Community Schools Initiative Services

The Community Schools Initiative works at the regional, district and site levels to develop, implement, and sustain FSCS as a school reform strategy in under-resources communities. We provide a full spectrum of community school development and capacity building services. We view ourselves as partners in this effort — as content and process experts, facilitators, critical friends, and coaches, depending on the specific context. CSI specializes in providing the breadth and depth necessary to create successful community schools.

Our Approach
CSI partners with organizations and collaboratives to identify their needs and goals, and provide support through our broad range of planning services, capacity building, and implementation of best practices. We provide a framework to guide communities in understanding and developing their community school approach. We model the collaboration, creativity, flexibility and intentionality of community schools. Therefore we are committed to:

  • Building the capacity of the leaders, collaboratives and communities we work with to be successful, support each other, and sustain their initiatives.
  • Working in partnership to individualize the supports and services we provide, based on ever-changing needs, strength, and readiness levels.
  • Playing the role of “critical friend” by facilitating self-assessments, and honest conversations about what needed to create a system that works for children.
  • Providing expertise and best practices from the field across the many content areas that make up a successful community school, from after-school to family support, from community school coordination to interagency leadership councils, from planning infrastructure to roll-out plans.

Our Services
Comprehensive Planning
Coaching and Technical Assistance
Professional Development and Training
Networks and Learning Communities
Tools and Resources
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