BACSN Summit 2014

The Bay Area Community Schools Network (BACSN) serves districts, schools and their partners across the nine San Francisco Bay Area Counties, providing technical assistance and training for groups at various stages of development as Full Service Community Schools.

2013-14 saw a heightened attention to the Community Schools movement across the Region, partially as a result of the new opportunities available through Proposition 30 and the implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). LCFF calls for districts to develop a local, community-driven Local Control Action Plan (LCAP) that focuses on improved results for specified student populations (e.g., low-income, English Learners and foster youth) and the schools/districts as a whole. A number of districts are either planning or implementing a Community School initiative – sometimes through pilot sites and a few through implementation cohorts as building blocks for district-wide implementation.

Because there were a number of informational conferences during 2013-14, the Bay Area Community Schools Network’s Advisory Council decided to host an “Open Space” Summit in recognition of the depth of knowledge and practical experience in the region. We believed that an Open Space approach would honor existing local expertise and would be sure to address the challenges and opportunities facing all Summit participants at various stages of development. This book of proceedings captures the rich conversations and learning from the Summit.

BACSN Drivers of Change 2014 Book of Proceedings

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