Our Services
CSCi specializes in identifying, testing and applying best practice approaches at the intersection of service systems, including: public education, community development, health, social services, juvenile justice, and neighborhoods. We impact communities by working with schools and school districts, public agencies, nonprofit organizations, local government and philanthropy. We partner with organizations and collaboratives to identify their needs and how we can best support them through our flexible range of planning and capacity building services.

Planning Program and Systems

  • Provide consulting, coaching and/or direct planning assistance for new and ongoing efforts
  • Develop of policies, infrastructure, and operations to support collaborative efforts
  • Facilitate collaborative meetings and convenings
  • Conduct and/or guide needs assessments and asset mapping

Brokering and Developing Partnerships

  • Explore and create linkages and connections amongst services
  • Collaborate with policy makers and other intermediaries to strengthen understanding between policy and practice and thereby improve both.

Building Capacity and Skills

  • Provide professional development, targeted skill development, trainings and conferences
  • Provide technical assistance and coaching
  • Build and enhance leadership
  • Research, train and operationalize best practice approaches

Facilitating Networks and Learning Communities

  • Convene and develop networks across and within disciplines
  • Build a sense of identity and belonging to a local and larger effort
  • Bring resources, technical assistance and individual consultation to members
  • Create a forum for peer learning and sharing

Using Data and Research to Guide the Reform Process

  • Evaluation planning
  • Create and monitor progress towards goals and objectives
  • Use data to document program success and needs, and to inform continuous quality improvement
  • Provide training, coaching and/or direct service in data collection and analysis, e.g. site observations, interviews, focus groups, surveys, ethnographic studies, user-friendly reports, etc.

Sample areas of work: Full Service Community Schools, Health, Early Education, Social Services